The motorist's winter checklist

We’re only one true snowfall into the season, but more of the extreme conditions we’ve come to expect in the Midwest are knocking on the door. Being generally mindful of the forecast is one thing, but are you ready for the most severe scenarios? “Being prepared is the key to survival in emergency situations,” Parkview Chief of Police and Corporate Director of Public Safety Thomas F. Rhoades said. “Whether it is being stranded in a blizzard and severe cold or finding yourself stuck on an icy roadway. We have to expect the unexpected and have a plan. Your life or the well-being of your loved one’s depends on it.”

Start preparing now for those hazardous winter conditions ahead with these helpful checklists and tips from our Director of Safety and Emergency Preparedness Anna Marsh-Belote. 

wintersafety_tipsforvehicle_12_15.jpg Preview

wintersafety_tipsforhome_12_15.jpg Preview

wintersafety_weatherdefinitions_12_15.jpg Preview

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