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There’s something about the start of the year that brings a renewed sense of optimism and clean slate mentality to many of us seeking a surge of motivation. A determined spirit and unflappable willpower are certainly helpful when chasing a sizable goal, but a great list of resources doesn’t hurt, either.  We scoured the Parkview Dashboard and pulled some of our favorite articles on some of the most popular resolutions. We hope these help you with your wellness journey in 2018.

If your goal is to: Lose weight and eat better

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You should read …

The most delicious way to lose weight

5 strategies for healthy weight management in the new year

Are your sleep habits affecting your waistline?

Root-to-stem cooking: Make more with your veggies

Cooking with fish: Reel in the rewards

The hidden sugars on your plate


If you goal is to: Be more mindful

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You should read …

Linger with the ordinary for an extraordinary new year

Finding purpose through gratitude

Press play

Mindfulness behind the wheel

Applying mindfulness to your health

Bringing mindfulness into your home


If your goal is to: Get more sleep

You should read …

The trouble with sleeping pills

Pillow talk: What's the best sleeping position?

12 steps to more of the sleep you need

Melatonin: myths vs. facts

Gift Guide for the troubled sleeper


If your goal is to: Start working out

You should read …

Find the exercise that burns the most calories

The 4 types of exercise all seniors need

9 moves you can do to workout anywhere

Training check-in: Feeding the machine

Training check-in: sore muscles


If your goal is to: Be kinder to yourself

You should read …

Choosing self-compassion over criticism 

Self-compassion: How to be your own best friend

How kind self-talk can set you up for success


If your goal is to: Quit smoking

You should read …

Be a quitter

A call for quitters

Quitting or know someone who is? Here's how to help

Finding the facts on vaping


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