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There’s something about the start of the year that brings a renewed sense of optimism and clean slate mentality to many of us seeking a surge of motivation. A determined spirit and unflappable willpower are certainly helpful when chasing a sizeable goal, but a great list of resources doesn’t hurt, either.  We scoured the Parkview GO website and pulled some of our favorite articles on some of the most popular resolutions. We hope these help you with your wellness journey in 2016.

If your goal is to: Lose weight and eat better

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You should read …

lose weight

eat more fruits and veggies

what are Parkview dieticians eating?

chew on this: thinking before eating this holiday season

If you goal is to: Be more mindful

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You should read …

making a case for meditation

think positively

journaling for mental health

go: learn to meditate

5 minute meditation

soothe your soul, refresh your spirit

inhale the good vibes, exhale the bad

If your goal is to: Get more sleep

You should read …


get more zzz’s

If your goal is to: Start working out

You should read …

grab a partner

find your exercise

how intense is your workout?

group Exercise

what is yoga?

10 reasons to keep fit as you age

a positive step toward fitness

If your goal is to: Strengthen relationships

You should read …

open your heart to family

improve your relationships

be a good neighbor

8 ways to be a better neighbor

reach out and connect

If your goal is to: Be more punctual

You should read …

punctuality pointers

be on time

If your goal is to: Be kinder to yourself

You should read …

note to self: more love

talk yourself up

silence your inner critic

be engaged

If your goal is to: Quit smoking

You should read …

now is the perfect time to quit

break the habit


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