Gift Guide for the mother-to-be

Shopping for the mom-to-be on your list can be hard. Fortunately, Brandi Acosta, RN, BSN, Prenatal Education Program Supervisor, Parkview Women's and Children's Hospital, has some thoughtful gifts that women in every stage of pregnancy will love.

  1. Oil diffuser for use during labor, or to promote relaxation after.
  2. Comfortable nursing attire. This includes nursing shirts and nightgowns. 
  3. A canvas with paint for a DIY newborn footprint.
  4. A gift card for a pregnancy massage.
  5. A home spa kit.
  6. A large water bottle with the amounts on the side to help her make sure she's staying hydrated.
  7. A maternity photo shoot.
  8. Compression socks.
  9. A travel kit for the hospital.
  10. Lotion and/or body butter.


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