Let's talk turkey about Cooking to LiVe

One of the greatest things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving is that our community’s health is begining to change – thanks to the many organizations...
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Who needs a flu shot?

Flu season is just around the corner, and flu shots are now available. Who in your family needs the influenza vaccine? Keep reading – I'll help you...
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Mix it up – exercise with a twist!

Sometimes you just have to spice up your exercise to keep it interesting. We are seeing some exciting new trends and fads across the country, and I...
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Great Tricks, Better Treats for a Great Halloween

As a parent, I was always astounded at the fervor my kids had when it came to Trick or Treating.  No holds barred, it was a race to see how much candy...
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Back to school and the Six O'Clock Scramble

School supplies purchased:  CHECK.  Book bag packed: CHECK. New pair of jeans and shoes:  CHECK.  Ready or not, it’s back to school they go!  Once...
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Hug your local farmer

We are now in one of the more pleasurable eating seasons, with many vegetables and fruits ready for harvest.  Despite the drought, farmers are still...
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