Working Reading into Your Summer Plans

As the weather warms up and plans are made to enjoy the sun, are you also planning to mix some reading into your routine? Reading can be an excellent activity for children and adults alike. Reading with our children bridges the gap between school years, increases vocabulary and is an excellent bonding opportunity between parents and kids.

More and more studies emphasize the importance of reading for pleasure and for educational and personal development value. The studies show that promoting reading can have a major impact on both children and adults. For children, evidence suggests that reading for pleasure not only improves reading skills, but also increases general understanding, knowledge of other cultures, decision-making ability and community participation. In adults, reading has been shown to combat feelings of loneliness.

At Parkview, we host a quarterly book club for our leaders. Participating leaders select each book from a list of books featuring biographies and profiles or topics focused on service excellence, innovation, leadership and health-related issues. When the group decides on a book, we spend the quarter reading, then come together for a discussion on whether or not the book was enjoyable, whether it offered new insights and how gleanings from the book can be applied professionally and personally.

If you find yourself looking for a good book this summer, our group has expressed interest in the following books that you may also find worthwhile:

Participating in a book club is an excellent way to foster community, expand your reading interests and benefit from the perspective of others. As you're making your summer plans, will a good book or reading discussion be on your calendar? Let us know what you're reading!

Links to booksellers are neither recommendations to purchase the books nor endorsements of the booksellers. The links are provided for quick access to additional information about the books that might be helpful.

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