Step It Up and move!

Aren't you glad that spring has finally arrived? The warm temperatures provide great motivation to get outside for some exercise.

I've found that motivation and accountability keep me focused on my exercise routine. I recently started wearing a Fitbit®activity tracker. It's a wearable device that tracks steps, miles, calories, floors climbed and even sleeping habits. I can't begin to tell you how much this device has encouraged me to walk farther! This little piece of technology has become a fast friend. On the rare days when I forget to clip it on, I'm so disappointed knowing my steps won't be counted.

Please keep in mind that I already knew I wasn't getting the recommended 10,000 steps per day. And since I've been wearing it, my Fitbit has confirmed what I previously thought to be true. However, having its daily reminder pushes me to park farther out or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

If having a small form of accountability or even participating in a competitive challenge sounds like something that would get you to step up your daily activity level, you should sign up to track your walking or other activities on Parkview's "Step It Up" website! Not only can you track your daily walking, biking or running activities, but you can also earn you some cool incentives at the same time. (I'm logging my steps with the goal of getting the cool T-shirt.)

Once you register online, you can join challenges that have been created to motivate through competition. You can: 

  • Conquer the Concourse at Parkview Field – Track your steps and "walk" from Parkview Field to Parkview Regional Medical Center
  • walk the Parkview Path to Health – Adding your steps will route you through the region from one Parkview location to the next.

We've also provided links to walking maps in your area and community events that earn you steps while supporting great local causes.

I hope you'll consider joining us online and stepping it up for your own health!

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