Do you know a good neighbor?

Growing up, I learned a lot about being a good citizen from Mr. Rogers. Just hearing that name brings to mind sweaters, trolley and the song, "Won't you be my neighbor?" Those fundamental values are still vital to a community's well-being today.

Parkview Health is an organization focused on improving the health of the communities we serve. One of the best ways to be emotionally and socially well is to be generous. We encourage our co-workers, leaders and physicians to become involved in community activities. You too can have a part. By embracing volunteerism and drawing upon our diverse talents, we can all be good neighbors and make Fort Wayne a city boasting of improved health, wellness and quality of life.

One local organization focused on practical, neighbor-to-neighbor expressions of caring and community is NeighborLink Fort Wayne. In the spirit of being a good neighbor, Parkview is proud to join with NeighborLink and  WANE-TV to honor Fort Wayne's "Neighbor of the Year." The award was created to identify Fort Wayne neighbors who do ordinary things with extraordinary benefit for their neighbors and neighborhood. 

Now through September 30, you can nominate a neighbor who has positively affected your life or your neighborhood in Fort Wayne, among the client base served by  NeighborLink Fort Wayne.

A Neighbor is a person who physically lives next door, across the street, around the corner or a few blocks over from you.

A Neighbor of the Year is a neighbor who goes above and beyond, serving you or someone you know for the benefit of the community, not themselves.

Using a panel of judges, nominations will be narrowed down to the top five; video interviews will be conducted and posted online; and public voting will begin on November 11, 2013. All finalists will attend NeighborLink's annual event in December where the "Neighbor of the Year" will be named.

If you know a neighbor who creates beautiful days for neighbors and your neighborhood, nominate them today.

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