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What is antibiotic resistance?

Odds are, you have been prescribed an antibiotic at some point in your life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2014,...
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Is peanut butter and jelly best?

Whether your child prefers grape or strawberry, crunchy or smooth, it’s hard to find a little one who doesn’t enjoy a traditional PB&J from time to...
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Applying mindfulness to your health

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you consume foods that will give you strength and energy? Do you drink enough water? How well do you sleep?...
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The pachyderm’s day at Parkview

This is the story of a very special elephant. This elephant belonged to a brave little patient at Parkview Whitley Hospital. It was clearly very loved...
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Training Check-in: Remedies for the rub

It’s officially five weeks into the preparation for Fort4Fitness and we hope you’re going strong! We caught up with Courtney, who’s working her way toward a half marathon, to see how things are going. “I’m up to 8 miles and it’s starting to show. It takes me almost the full week to recover from my long runs, though I find yoga helps my sore muscles. But it’s what you can see on the outside that...
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How one powerful word can heal

“This is the face of a man who found out when he was down that the people he thought he could trust, he couldn’t. This is also the face of a man who...
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Some Samaritan for your screen

The Parkview-green Samaritan has become a symbol of hope for many in northeast Indiana. The attentive, compassionate crew, the unmistakable sound of...
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Crossing the nation for a cause

This post was written by Brittany King, Digital Content Specialist, Parkview Health. It’s Friday and I’m in the final hour of the workweek. I have a...
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