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Simple ways to keep kids moving this winter

Most parents would agree, after several weeks of colder temperatures, children start to get a little restless. They’re cooped up, the cabin fever sets...
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Step up and add more activity to your day

Maybe you found a new fitness tracker under the tree. Or maybe you’re determined to conquer the sitting disease in 2017. Whatever the motivation,...
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All the ways green is good for you

Every year, PANTONE® releases their "Color of the Year" - a hue that they feel captures the attitude of our current culture. We were delighted by...
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How kind self-talk can set you up for success

When you examine your weaknesses, is your internal dialogue encouraging or shaming? According to Connie Kerrigan, RN, BSN, MBA, Director of Outreach,...
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15 tricks for getting to the gym (no matter what)

History tells us that a significant number of New Year’s resolution gym-goers will stop showing up by the second week of February. It’s tough for cold temperatures to trump a warm bed and an extra hour of sleep or to find time in our crammed agendas. With the most common reasons for skipping a workout in mind, we asked Shannon Perkins, exercise specialist, Parkview Health and Fitness Center, to...
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Losing weight for all the right reasons

This post was written by Peter Partin, client engagement manager. I have been morbidly obese for most of my adult life, though you would never know it...
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Blender bliss? The truth about drinking just juice

A lot of people make adjustments to their diet during the first month of the year. If a juice cleanse is on your list, you’ll want to read these...
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Backgrounds that prove we're behind you

With the new year comes the chance for change. It's an opportunity to set goals and accomplish them, to dream big and make positive improvements in...
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