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Modern etiquette for the Thanksgiving guest

Our parents taught us to mind our manners and always be courteous. While some etiquette rules hold up as the trends change, others have evolved or...
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A handy guide to portions

While we might recognize the need to limit our caloric intake, and even the success attributed to closely monitoring nutritional numbers and values,...
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Fresh holiday fare

We love gravy and green bean casserole as much as the next guy, but this Thanksgiving why not share at least one new, better-for-everyone dish?...
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Coverage considerations

In addition to turkey and trimmings, for many, this time of year also means insurance renewals, plan changes and open enrollment. The details can be...
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Deciphering diabetes

November is American Diabetes Month, an occasion to pause and increase your awareness of the astounding number of men, women and children impacted by this debilitating condition. “The prevalence of diabetes is at an all-time high in the United States, with 29.1 million Americans, or 1 of every 11 people, having the disease,” Program Director for the Parkview Diabetes Treatment Center Sheryl Scott,...
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A tasteful makeover

For the past eight years, Parkview Noble Hospital has offered a Healthy Holiday Recipes program with inspiring suggestions for reinventing the typical...
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Heart to heart

Last week, we introduced our WomenHeart Champions and followed them as they retold the journeys that brought them to the WomenHeart program. Reading...
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A call for quitters

Since November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, we asked Pulmonology Specialist Eric G. Peterson, MD, to participate in a quick Q&A on the topic. What...
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