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Getting to know Dr. Linda Han

When Parkview began recruiting oncology specialists for the new Parkview Cancer Institute, we knew we wanted the best in their field. For breast...
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The timeline for true change

Scroll through social media or pick up a magazine at the checkout and you’ll likely see a guarantee for transformation. “30 days to a slimmer you!”...
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Find the exercise that burns the most calories

When it comes to workouts, we all want the biggest bang for our buck, but Mackenzie Clark, MS, LAT, ATC, shows us, it might not be as simple as...
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Training check-in: sore muscles

This week, we’re circling back with Courtney, who’s one week into her training for the Fort4Fitness half marathon race.  “I feel good. The mileage has...
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The benefits of skin-to-skin with baby

Research has shown that holding infants skin-to-skin immediately following birth has countless benefits for both mother and baby. Barb Kramer RNC, BSN, Family Birthing Center, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, explains what skin-to-skin care looks like at Parkview, and helps us understand the incredible difference it can make in the delivery room.   What does skin-to-skin care mean at Parkview?...
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Three steps to a clean refrigerator

As you go about your weekend cleaning in the days to come, Megan Bobay, RDN, Parkview Huntington Hospital, encourages you to take a look in the...
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A look at minority mental health

In 2014, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported that significant behavioral health disparities continue to...
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Deciphering over-the-counter pain killers

Open the medicine cabinet in any family home and you’ll likely find an extensive assortment of pain relievers, fever reducers and anti-inflammatories....
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