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One Night Without a Home

What would it feel like to experience an evening with no roof over your head? To sleep the way those without heat and bedding and common comforts...
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Wintry wallpapers

It’s the happiest season of all. Dress your desktop or mobile device accordingly, with these festive, snow-covered backdrops brimming with good cheer....
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Healing Arts and the Power of Peace

Parkview Healing Arts, in collaboration with Fort Wayne Dance Collective, brings professional Artists in Residence to the bedside in many of our...
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The influence of Tony

This is the fifth installment of this series by Patrick Riecke, director, Chaplaincy and Volunteer Services. Patrick is exploring the five people who...
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12 steps to more of the sleep you need

We can’t live without it, and we spend nearly a third of our entire lives doing it—yet sleep is often the first thing we sacrifice in order to keep up with life’s hectic demands. Sometimes it’s easy to take on the mantra “sleep less, do more”. That theory however, can wreak havoc on your overall health and well-being. McKenna Gottfried, nurse navigator, Parkview Center for Healthy Living, tells us...
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Getting to know Dr. Alton Liu

Most people don’t think of anesthesiology as being amusing, but spend some time with Dr. Alton Liu and your opinion will definitely change. To a...
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The history of Parkview

Tell me a story. Stories have always been a lifeline to the essence of who we are. Dating back to the earliest days of mankind, stories have been...
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A new care model for Huntington County

In February, Parkview introduced Community Paramedicine (CP), a new community-based care model, in Huntington County. These Parkview team members work...
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