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The moments you don’t see coming

Enjoy this monthly post written by Patrick Riecke, director, Chaplaincy and Volunteer Services. Twelve-year-old me on a yellow bus. I have blocked out...
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Being mindful of your breath

Enjoy this monthly mindfulness post from Dave Johnson, PhD, CNS- BC, LMFT, employee assistance specialist. Are you breathing? Seriously … are you...
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We are Magnet!

Ten years ago, Parkview Health began a journey. And this past Wednesday, we received the call we’d been waiting to receive since that day. Parkview...
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The real secret to injury prevention: Your core

Have you ever tweaked a muscle just by reaching or bending over? What about sitting at your desk all day — has it ever caused you lower back pain? If...
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Your burning questions about sun protection

You had so many follow-up questions about sun protection, we asked Dara Spearman, MD, PPG – Premier Dermatology and Skincare, to return and help us get you answers. Q. There was a report recently of a child suffering second-degree burns after using a spray sunscreen. Is that possible? That’s the first I’ve heard of that, so I wouldn’t say it’s a common side effect. Millions use it every day and...
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My day at Dad’s Boot Camp

Enjoy this post written by Eric Dutkiewicz, digital producer, Parkview Sports Medicine. No one prepares you for the wide range of emotions and...
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3 strategies to prevent hip fracture

About 1 in 10 people will suffer a hip fracture in their lifetime, and about 50 percent of those who fracture a hip will drop down one functional...
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Getting to know David and Scott James

This Sunday is a celebration of dads and role models and the power of positive male influences. We couldn’t think of a better way to mark the occasion...
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